Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


20 May 2013 - AWESOME WEEK‏

Dearest Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Pets

THIS WEEK WAS NUTS! Peanuts! Longest week ever. But it was an awesome week!
   Monday, P-day. Boys in the ward invited us to go Play "War" with them (board game) and that took up most of our afternoon. I got my trash kicked! I always lose at war, haha, I'm hopeless. Monday night we were invited to a family home evening. While we were walking to the person's house a man on a bike yelled at us. Baaaaaaaah! We just continued walking... But 20 feet in front of us the man on the bike went into the middle of the road and cut off a motorcycle. The motorcycle hit him and they both went flying. We all scrambled to get the motorcycle off the road. help the motorist who's helmet flew off and he hit his head pretty badly, broke his pinky, and probably his knee. We called the ambulance and helped get the man into the ambulance to go to the hospital. The man on the bike who was drunk just walked away.... CRAZY
   Tuesday Elder Salazar, the elder who lived with us that was transferred, called me to tell me that his area was closed so no one would be returning to take his place. He told me that his area was now my area. So now there are only two missionaries in the ward. My area that was already huge has doubled in size, and responsibility doubled with it. AND he told me that I was called as a district leader...... WHAT! Yeah That was my response.... I'm the district leader of the Zone Leaders! and one other set of missionaries. And I've already had to do two baptismal interviews. Talk about stress!
   Thursday I have to go to another area with the district leader to interview a young boy, on the way back we waited at a bus stop for an hour and a half! And when we got to the bus station all the buses stopped because it was late... Needless to say we got home very very late, but it was out of our control....
   Saturday we had a baptism!!!!!!! The mother of a girl that I baptized with my last companion was baptized! She was SO much work but she was totally worth it! I love this lady and I'll never forget her. Her baptism was extremely special to me and to her. She is already talking about temples and baptizing her youngest daughter! Ah a lot of hard work with her is finally paying off!
   I'm so happy that I'm here in Brazil serving the lord, I know that He lives and that He answers prayers