Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


3 June 2013 - Semana de Balgunsa‏

Hello Family! 

   Well sounds like you guys had an interesting week! Everyone's going to the hospital! Salads bad for you mom you know that. you need more doughnuts cake and ice cream, haha.
   Well this week was interesting... All in all I was so busy and running around that I only had two days to work in my own area. I went on splits with a set of missionaries in my district, and left my companion and another newbie to work in my own area. Then I had to go to another area to interview the baptism for the Other missionaries in my district. THEN the LZ were over loaded with appointments and asked me to go to their area to help them out! AH I wanna work in my area with my companion. But in the end it turned out alright. My district was able to baptize 4 people this week! And we had a possibility to baptize 6! Yeah it was a busy week but it was totally worth it in the end.
   At church yesterday most of the people that said they would go to church cancelled and we were at the end of the second hour when a man who we've been teaching showed up. He has be trying to stop smoking and it appeared that he had ran to church. Man I can't describe the feeling that I felt when he ran into the door. He has such a strong desire to do what is right but is fighting cigarettes! Gosh we want to help him so much and we're doing all we can but he just hasn't been able to quit. I really believe that he will make it there someday.
   This next week we are planning to work a lot with less active members and helping them become active and meeting their friends and family members and teaching them. We're pretty excited for this coming week.
   I am so happy that I have the opportunity to serve the lord here in Brazil. I know that this is where I need to be. I'm learning SO much. And I'm excited to keep improving and learning more and more. I know that God really does hear and answer our prayers. I see his answers every day.
Staying Strong