Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


6 January 2014 -- A Weak Week

Hello Family Dearest,
   This week was rather uneventful to tell the truth. This week we went to Maceio again. The training that was passed to us was really good and tomorrow my companion and I are going to pass the training to our zone. My companion is kind of stressed out about the meeting because it will be his first. I don't blame him. I was pretty stressed out when I did my first zone meeting. But it´ll all go well he´s good. One really great thing that happened this week was with a man named Edimilson and his nephew Felipe. They are two investigators that we have been teaching with a group of three other people. To tell the truth they were the least expected to come to church while everyone else that we are teaching were very strong with the appointment. And the two of them really enjoyed the meeting. And Edimilson who is a 28 year old already knows almost all the members of the ward. We didn't even have to stay with him because the members just took him away which was really cool.
   Really the rest of the week was spent traveling and studying for the training that we are going to give tomorrow. Sorry I really have little to say.
   My companion is good. He doesn't stress me too much, haha. Transfers are on the 20th, I think. I am mostly stressed about the work and how it's not going exactly how I would like it to go. We just have very few people to work with. And the people that we have aren't progressing how they could be progressing. It's hard to see potential in someone and then watch them falter. Yeah its just that.
   Next week the e-mail will be bigger I promise.
Well I gotta go. Have a great week!
Elder Ralph