Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


30 December 2013 -- Feliz Natal

Hello Family and Friends!
   Well it was another Christmas away from home but it was a Christmas to remember. Christmas Eve we passed by a home of a wonderful family and we just spent the time laughing and talking about random things. It was a great chance to relax a bit, and then Christmas Day talking with my family was GREAT! I really liked how I was able to talk to everyone at the same time. Google + Rocks! Thank you all for being there to support me. It really meant a lot. I really did feel your love for me and I hope that I was able to show at least a portion of the love that I have for each one of you! You all mean so much to me.
   This week in relation to the missionary work was rather difficult. Hardly anyone was at home. People here like to travel out into the boondocks or to their little farms that they have around the city and just chill, haha. So it was kinda hard to teach this week. And New Years will be worse because everyone goes to the beach to watch the fireworks... Its tradition! Maybe we will go too.... JK.
   This week we have been teaching a new family. And they are one of those golden families that really understand and want to know more about our religion. We explained the plan of salvation this week and the questions and commentaries they made were excellent. They asked about the purpose of life, about the fall of Adam and what will happen after this life. And we always had an explanation for them and they agreed with everything we said! And it’s kinda funny to see people bash on other churches. Like we will be teaching something and all of a sudden they will chip in and say, “You know this church? They believe in this and this and that! And I don’t believe in this what do you guys believe.” Then we explain everything that we believe and the person will say, I like that I believe that. It’s really cool to see how a person can FEEL that the things we are teaching are true. I really love our church. I love how its organized, I love the teachings, it’s just great. This church truly is the church of our savior Jesus Christ. I know it.
   One of the bummers of this week was that this amazing family that we were working with didn’t come to church! Ahh! The father of the family was called suddenly to work and the rest of the family couldn’t come without him. But hopefully they will come next week.
   One thing that really touched me this week was when a boy that we were teaching, 14 years old but looks like an 18 year old, we went to his house to walk with him to church but when we got there he was still sleeping. His dad woke him up and he said that it wouldn’t be enough time to get ready…. We felt like he just didn’t want to come so we just let it go and started walking to church. But then, halfway to church, he came out of nowhere on a bike that he borrowed and said that he wanted to go to church but just slept in on accident. It was a great feeling walking with him to church. We’re extremely excited for his progress!
   Thank you all for all of your support! You guys are awesome!