Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


27 January 2014 -- Penedo!

Hello Family dearest!
   Well I'm sure you're all just dying to know where I'm at and who I'm with! So let's get to it.
At the transfer meeting I got talking to all the other zone leaders to see who was transferred and who would stay in the area. I had a pretty good idea of where I would go and with who I would be with before the meeting even started and boy, was I excited. The meeting started and I started checking off the possibilities. Then all of a sudden my name was called and they said that I was called as a trainer! Ahhhh, I couldn't believe it! I was stun struck! Haha it was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing! I'm training again! The thought didn't even cross my mind that I would train again. But at the end of the meeting it was obvious what the president was doing. He called 5 zone leaders to train new missionaries that were entering into the mission field. I am now training Elder Martins, a Brazilian from São Paulo.
   We are in an interstate area of Alagoas called Penedo. Penedo is an older city, built over 300 years ago and it's built on the bank of a beautiful river. The buildings are all old and falling apart but really impressive. After sending emails we're going to go a take a couple of pictures. We are working in a branch that it trying to become a ward. They just need a few more men. So we're "men hunting," haha. But the chapel is huge! With air conditioning! YES! It's one of the biggest the I've ever been in on my mission, and the Church is on a corner where there is a lot of traffic so everyone knows where it is. And the church is new so many people want to see what it's like inside. The members are helping a lot. The Elders that were here in the area didn't leave anything to help us find our way around, but the work is coming along. We have built a good relationship with some of the members that can go out with us to teach, they help so much!
   Training near the end of the mission is so different than training at the beginning. I feel like I know so much more. I have so much more confidence, the language is much smoother. It's just way different. I'm trying to help my new little son as best I can. He's really good. Has a good spirit and loves to work hard and talk to everyone that crosses his path. He's given me so much energy, which is something I have needed these past few weeks. I really believe, I know without a doubt that my mission president is inspired by God. He always places the right type of person with me at the right time. Elder Martins is great. I let him begin teaching the other day and he kind of got nervous and just went right into the restoration and the first vision, which is something that I've never seen before but it worked out just fine! It's amazing how the spirit can guide you when you really trust in it. I am so thankful for the spirit and how it has been guiding me this past week. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve, to train, to teach, and to be a missionary.
   I'm so thankful for my family and everything they have taught me, for all the sacrifices they have made for me! I know that this church is true! I know that it teaches the truth sent from God to his prophets today!
   Elder Martins always makes me smile, always likes to talk to me, trusts me, wants my help and guidance and wants to improve. LOVE THE MAN!
 Love you all so much!