Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


25 March 2013 - Eu sei que vive meu Senhor‏

Wow what a crazy weekend without Elder Ralph, everyone's either pregnant or getting married haha Good times. Even my dog's pregnant haha weird but cool!

So today time is really short so I wanted to tell you guy about two of our investigators that we have been working with the past two week. They are 17 year old boys that live in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. They both have trouble believing that God lives, that he created this earth and everything on it. They believed more in the Big bang theory than the Bible. They seriously doubted everything that we have been teaching them. But in a way that they just want to know the reason behind everything, why things are they way they are. The questions they asked really have opened my mind, and have made me dig into my memory bank to remember the good ole days in seminary. While explaining things we go deeper and deeper into topics and every road that we have taken always leads back to faith. Faith faith faith. Faith is everything for our religion. Everything that we do that we believe requires faith to some degree. Imagine teaching or trying to persuade to someone that God lives and that he create our earth to someone who believes in the big Bang theory..... and without using the Scriptures. Pretty difficult. But it was awesome. These two boys are seriously growing in faith and realizing everyday that GOD lives and Jesus Christ is our savior. One boy said, You know this is actually starting to make sense. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS :)

The two boys went to church this past Sunday and even brought a friend along with them. That was really cool to see. All in all I am so happy that I am here serving my mission in Brazil. The language is coming along, my ability to teach is improving, the weather is becoming tolerable haha, Everything is Going So So great! Love it. 

This week was honestly strange. People were popping out of no where! Members were bring friends to mutual that wanted to learn more about the church, people stopped us in the streets asking where and when our church holds meetings. Just weird but I really really liked it haha. They Just Popped out of the snow! like Daisy's! :)

I miss you guys like Crazy every last one of you! Thank you so much for you love and support. Until Next Week!

Love Ya