Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


1 April 2013 - Uma semana difícil‏

Hey Dad! Man its great to hear from you and thanks for everything that you said It really helps.

This week was kinda difficult yet rewarding at the same time. Saturday we were able to have three baptisms. A lady of about 35 years, a girl with 11 years and a young man with 17 years. The only problem was that with everyone of them arose some sort of problem. Either with the bishop the members or a missionary.

Starting with the lady... This Lady is engaged to a member who was excommunicated from the church. He was raised in the church, served a mission, had callings, but when he returned, he fell. His fiancé is extremely special. Every time we teach her she shakes with excitement and nervousness. She really believes in every word we say, she has a serious desire to learn and feel the spirit. The problem is that the members don't want her to marry this member because of his weakness in the church, that he will destroy the drive that she has. So members were talking against her baptism.

And now about the girl. This girl seriously appears to be 17 years old but is really 11, still in primary haha. And she is dating a member of the church who is a recent convert, and is 18 years old. Yeah problem. The bishop and the members expressed their concerns to us and sent us to try and separate the two, But the only things we could do was teach the standards and principles of the church. We were really worried that she wouldn't want to be baptized. But in the end it all turned out alright, and with time she will learn and hopefully except the teaching of modern day prophets.

The last baptism was a young man with 17 years. He really is a special kid. When we first met him he didn't believe that God existed, he felt like he had never received an answer to a prayer, like everything between him and God was negative, it was strange. But through many weeks of lessons we were able to break the ice and he wanted to be baptized. The problem with his baptism is that he is really strange... That's it, he is really strange. The presence that he has is just strange, but once a person gets to know him he's really funny and kinda nerdy. During his baptismal interview an American Elder felt that he didn't have a desire to be baptized, that we didn't teach him enough.... Honestly in that moment I was SO frustrated. But we were able to talk to him and he said that he didn't feel comfortable around that elder to talk openly. So we sent an Brazilian elder to talk to him, a elder that is totally awesome and that I LOVE! Elder MENDES. And everything turned out right. At his baptism many of the member were talking bad about him because of his strangeness... Gosh that moment was SO painful... Some people are just different. AH FRUSTRATION!

I was able to confirm the 17 year old yesterday, that was an awesome experience, I honestly didn't want to stop cause the feeling was so intense. I really felt the power of God working through me. I'm not exactly sure what I said or if anyone understood what I said haha, but I know that God worked through me to bless that young man..

I'm so thankful that I am here on my mission serving and helping others, I love you all so much and pray for you everyday!

Can't wait till conference!!!!