Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


9 December 2013 - Tchâo Elder Gubler!

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Well I'm comp-less.... My dearest companion Elder Gubler has left the building and is now a normal person. Yesterday I took him to the bus station to go to Maceio to be released as a missionary. He really taught me a great deal of stuff, which is what I wanted to share with ya´ll today.
   He taught me how to feel and follow the spirit. At the beginning of my mission I always wanted to feel that guiding feeling of the spirit. Like the spirit saying... go there, talk to her, say this, read this, DONT do this!... I always tried to feel that. And at the beginning of the mission I couldn't feel it. Probably the only thing I was feeling was the hot sun, and the tired feet. I began to be more sensitive to the spirit, trying harder to hear or feel it. But when I was put with Elder Gubler it seemed as if my spiritual earmuffs were taken off. It was amazing to see how the Lord was working through us, leading us to the people that needed our help or the people who were prepared to hear the gospel. Thinking back now maybe it wasn't that I wasn't hearing it or seeing it but I wasn't recognizing that the spirit was guiding me. I wasn't giving Him credit for the things that were happening on a daily basis.
   Elder Gubler helped me stay focused on my mission. Not that I was thinking about girls, family friends, home, things like that, but he helped me stay focused and always thinking about our investigators. At times when we walk in the street our minds go blank and we think about random things because the journey doesn't seem as long. But Elder Gubler he always had a thought, a question, an idea. And this also helped me with my Portuguese because we talked about topics rather deep at times. Probably never realized it but this helped me a lot, to just always be thinking about something good. :)
   He helped me realize even more the importance of Christ. This came from our studies together but also the way that he talked, the way he acted and how he treated people that were against us. He really was a great example to me. And don't worry I did teach him a few things too, haha. 

   Tomorrow we have a transfer meeting. I wasn't transferred but that means that I have to arrange for everyone in my zone that was transferred to arrive at the bus station on time and without leaving anyone behind, which can be a challenge at times. And I'm doing it by my lonesome and it's my first time.... But it's going well. A lot of people were transferred this time. And for some it's something kind of hard to accept or believe. But one thing I know is that my mission president is called of God and has the keys to receive revelation for us. It's kind of like a "mini-prophet" just for us! and its amazing to see how many people don't follow the revelations of the "mini-prophet". It's something that gets under my skin a bit... but what can I do. Just be a good example and keep working hard.
   I love my mission. I love the spirit that I feel here. I'm so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ and his Infinite mercy! He is my example, my all. I know that He lives and that He loves us. Thank you all for your love and support, I really do feel your prayers.
   Elder Ralph