Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


1 July 2013 - JARDIM do HORTO (garden of horto)

   Well.... I've been transferred! I've have been assigned to serve in Maceío, in a ward called "Jardims do Horto" (AKA RICH) haha. My companion is Elder Fernandes, from São Paulo. He arrived at the same time as Elder Almeida, the Elder that I trained. He's been in the area for three months and has been my guide helping get from one place to another. He went to the United States as an exchange student and learned English. So I'm helping him refine his English skills and he's helping me out with Portuguese. He teaches really well and has a strong desire to help the members and the people that we teach. We're getting along great.

   Our area is very rich. In our ward almost everyone has toured the United States and works for the government. But the hard part is that our church is a rented house that is rather small and doesn't look like a church. So, it's hard to get people to leave their huge chapel and cathedral to go to our little humble but truthful church. This area is way different than any of my other areas. It will for sure be a challenge for me.
   HA! And to top everything off I've been called to be a district leader again! I have four sets of missionaries in my district..... The Assistants to the president, the Secretaries to the President, and a set of sisters..... Wow! Can you give me more pressure! Please! Oh I forgot something... The president and his wife and family live in my area so they attend MY ward! Ahhhhh! Seriously! Did I do something wrong?! Does the president want to keep a closer eye on me?
   So yeah I'm really liking my area and the people that I have to work with. We're working with members, less active and recent converts. When one person knows about the gospel it's like a forest fire and its spreads to everyone. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve!!! Yippeee!