Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


22 July 2013 - Transferencia Emergencia (Emergency Transfers)

Holy Wow this week was an eventful one. It makes me laugh how long this week has felt, seriously its crazy! Let's start with last Tuesday. We were in a district meeting with the AP´s and everything was going great. But then the assistants got a phone call and they said that my companion was to be an emergency transfer! I couldn't help but laugh. I came to this area 3 weeks ago and I don't know where anything is, the members, the roads the neighborhood, nothing! Haha. So that same day we had to be in the mission office with all his stuff. So we went off, we forgot the cell phone, said goodbye to a few members, and packed up his stuff and went to the mission office. When we got there, there were a bunch of Elders in the office and I was scoping around to see which of all the elders would have the great privilege of being my companion! We started asking around and none of the elders were transferred... hmmmm.
But then came in Elder ________ an American that was in the MTC with me and has been having a lot of troubles with his companions. In the MTC I thought to myself, wow that guy is not my cup of tea, haha. And now he's my comp! I've heard a lot of stuff about him. That he's run away from his companion left the house all alone and a few other problems.... different things that he´s done. I remembered a story that mom told about her mission. That she was placed with someone that needed she help and patience. I'm feeling the same way, haha. That's basically what the president said to me when I went in for an interview, he said that Elder _________ needed help and the best way that I could help him was by being a good example. Okay :) But for now everything's going good with him. I'm working on my patience and trying to help him become a better missionary, which is something that he wants as well! So the work for the week finally got started and I realized that I'm going to have to do a lot of the talking. People have difficulty understanding my new comp speaking English. But he tries and that's something that I like. This past week someone asked me if I was imported!!!

Cleaning the baptismal font
   We were teaching a woman whose husband went to jail and we were helping her feel ready for her baptism. While we were teaching her husband who was in jail walked in the door. My heart seriously stopped as I remembered what happened on our last encounter. The woman also had no idea that he was set free and was just as afraid as I was. But it was all chill, he was just there to gather his stuff and go to his other house. But it was a tense moment. 
   It's been amazing to see how God has touched the hearts of some of the people that we have been visiting. Some have made serious sacrifices to go to church, and the hearts of some that didn't want anything have been softened. It's been a long hard road of persistence and patience. But we are starting to see the results!
   I love my mission, my companion, the members and the opportunity to become more and more like Christ, that's my purpose. Thank you all for your love and support and your prayers.