Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


28 January 2013

Hello family that I love so much

Well this week was way better than the first week, the first week we spent a lot of time looking for people that we found in the area book, but nothing was following through. We were trying to find members to show us the area or teach with us but we got nothing. So this week our work was more organized, we had people to work with investigators that we could visit. We have been working with a couple that we found our first day of tracting and they were able to come to church this past Sunday. Unfortunately there was a little disagreement during gospel principles that turned into a unnecessary argument. That's probably one of the most frustrating things as a missionary, when members don't act like members and disrupt the reverence in church. Ahhhh! so frustrating, but then there are other members who really reach out and help the missionaries when they bring investigators to church.
This week we were invited by a contact in the street to go to church with them, So, we accepted only if she agreed to come to our church on Sunday. (she didn't come) So we went and it was rather interesting. It was my second time going to a catholic church. Without being offensive, it was a workout! A lot of standing up, sitting down, clapping and singing. The padré read a few verses in Salmos and explained them. It was interesting, you could tell that they were missing something, that they depended on the pastor to teach them, and as long as he praised God, Jesus Christ, Mary or the people in the congregation everyone would give an Amen!. You can see how other churches help people feel closer to Jesus Christ, to feel his love. Help them separate themselves from the cruelties of the world, but really that's just the spirit, So much more exists. The priesthood, the priesthood is such a huge difference between our church and others. We have the ability to receive personal revelation from God, He organized our church, He organized the meetings, everything! He organized it in a way so that people can feel the spirit when they walk into our doors, as members we're responsible to keep that reverence. Without being offensive, I didn't feel the spirit when I went to that church, but I felt it when I went to mine.
We talked to an older gentleman who was sitting outside his house reading a religious book. He has millions of books and loves to read and learn about religions. He said that he has a Book of Mormon and believes that it could be true. But he doesn't believe in our other book, the second visitor, which teaches that Joseph Smith is Jesus..... What?! Uh never heard of it, he said that he had it and went into his house to find it, but he couldn't find it. We ended up talking to him for quite a long time, about religions, differences between our religion and others, and it was amazing to see that two young men who were raised in the church of Jesus Christ knew more than a man like him, extremely educated, well read. He interpreted scripture in a totally different way, then he confused himself about other topics of the Gospel, it was interesting to see. The Devil works through little details, little changes or doubts about the gospel can have a huge affect, like dropping a little pebble into a pond, it affects the whole pond.
This week we decide to have a fast that we can find new people to teach. It worked haha. We've found a number of people this week that have such high potential to progress. Real intent that's the word. :)
I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to learn and grow, spiritually and mentally. I've found so many attributes that I lack or need to change. I'm So thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve the lord.