Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


18 February 2013

Almost the whole family is Home but me! WHAT is dis!
Man I made a Huge list of things that I wanted to write about in my planer but I forgot it at home! Blast
  But anyway this week was pretty good. We had a baptism! We were able to baptize Rose. Jack Rose Jack Jack Rose! (Titanic) It was a great meeting, she was crying we were crying, everyone was crying, except the bishop... haha But seriously she went through So much in order to be baptized, the word of wisdom was working on her, her family was giving her grief and her landlord was been a Landlord, the devil really worked on her. But we were always there for her, whenever the word of wisdom was tempting her she called us, we gave blessings, and hours of comforting and encouraging words, many promises too. I'm so thankful too Heavenly Father that he was able to bring to pass all the promises that we made to her, cause there were quite a few that were quite stretchy. The ward has already taken her under their wing because she's so active and self motivated, she's gone to church 5 times before we even started teaching her.... She has many friends in the ward, lady friends.
   So a couple days ago I ate a fruit that was strange to me. Ya know the nut cashews...? Well it's actually the seed of a fruit, its the fruit and then the seed hangs outside the fruit, its weird but cool haha So a sister in the ward offered me one... it was super yummy! :) Yeah tasted good to the tongue but the stomach, NO, That day I had to use the bathroom 8 times.... it was awful and I know you all wanted to know that :D
   So we found an amazing family, first we met the husband who absolutely loved our message. He accepted everything! Then Saturday we met his wife, who already accepted everything that we taught to her husband, he told her everything that we taught him. Man it was awesome! We taught both of them again, just to be clear on a few things. Afterwards they offered us coffee.... So then we had to explain about the word of wisdom.. without us even making a commitment or asking them to stop drinking coffee or smoking they said, " Well I guess we're going have to stop drinking coffee then". YES! SCORE haha they have a little boy who is a hand-full, no he's like three handfuls. I was his entertainment during the lessons haha, he stripped everything out of my pockets, my backpack, he drew on my tie, on our pamphlets, everything you can imagine, just a ball of energy.... I loved it! It was super fun playing with and entertaining him. Reminded me of my little nephews...ah miss them. But now I decided that I'm gunna buy a couple toy cars to entertain little kids when we teach you couples.
   Unfortunately this Golden Family who accepted everything had to move to Panana, southern Brazil.... That for sure was the biggest disappointment this week, when they had to move.
   So this morning we ended up playing volleyball with our zone, and it was dumping rain! Loved it :) Today's been Washington weather, really cloudy :)
    Ah, We've been able to find a number of people that have SO much potential, like people that have distant relatives that are already strong members of the church, but were too shy to explain the church to their relatives. Or people that believe that the Catholic church is wrong, that they teach or have doctrine that isn't in the Bible! YES! :) God really does prepare people for missionaries to teach, I know that's true, we just have to, as missionaries, follow the rules or be obedient, work hard, and love the people.
   I'm so thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve and grow, and I'm so thankful for all your prayers on my behalf, it really does help SO much.
   With all my love,
Elder Ralph