Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


31 March 2014 -- A Great Week


     Well this week was really good. Really rewarding. We taught Sara who is a lady who has been progressing ever since we started teaching her. She works on Sundays but can switch with a co-worker once a month. But in April she is on vacation So she can be baptized on the 12th of April. She has been coming along great. She has really passed through a lot of garbage in her life. But everything she passed through has helped her and prepared her to know that truth that the Church of Jesus Christ teaches. We have already taught her everything that the missionaries normally teach. Now when we visit her we teach about things really advanced haha like this last week we met with her and she asked about patriarchal blessings! It was cool. But because we had already taught and she understood everything, it was a really spiritual lesson and she got even more excited to be baptized and be part of the church. Now when people at her work say things against the church she just laughs because she knows with a strong certainty that these things are true. She sincerely thanked us this week for all that we were doing for her. It was a really great feeling. And I thought to myself. I don't wanna go home. I don't wanna stop helping people come to the truth.

Lucas and Cicero recent converts!
     This week Lucas was baptized and we got to know his niece, Raquel who is a little fireball. She is fourteen but is very smart and way cool. She wants to be baptized too. This Sunday she came to church and absolutely loved it. She said she didn't want to leave and wanted to stay for the choir practice but her dad called and said he didn't want her anywhere near this religion. UH WHY! So this week we're gunna get to know him a little bit. She said that nothing will stop her from coming to church but we still need to talk to her father to see how we can help him understand our church. The youth have a big activity coming up and Raquel, Lucas and Cicero, our recent converts are already getting super involved in the activity, it's actually kind of funny to see. They have more energy than the members are used to, haha. We teach with Lucas and Cicero almost every day. They are so full of energy and want to learn more and more about the church, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. This week we walked to a little city that is super far away and when we got there we started teaching and a relative of the family came in and was super drunk. And we tried to go on but he destroyed the spirit and wanted to hear us preach. It was kind of funny.
     The work is coming along great! We are super excited! I love being a missionary!
Sorry the e-mail is short. This lady next to me keeps asking for help hahaha, but I love you so much! Have a great conference!

Elder Ralph