Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


3 March 2014 -- Carnival!

Hello Family friends!

   Well this week was rather interesting. We passed the whole week trying to avoid the Carnival parades that have been passing this whole week and this coming week. Because of the parties that have been taking place it's been really hard to find people at home. Almost everyone travels to others cities or goes to visit family. But it gave us an opportunity to meet new people. 

  This week I really saw a lot of growth in my son Elder Martins he is getting really comfortable talking to people and responding to the problems that they have. He said that at the beginning of his mission he always got sad when people rejected us or didn't take us seriously but now he just feels sad, and wants to do even more to try and help them. He's doing really good.
This week we found a lot of people who accepted baptism but need to get married, BUT! They have a desire to be married... It's interesting. They know that it's wrong but just don't correct their mistakes. But we will help them out :) I love weddings! haha sometimes I feel like a wedding counselor, haha.

   One of our golden investigators had a doubt this week and I found it really interesting what her doubt was. We have been working with Sara for quite some time now and she has been loving everything that we have been teaching her and she feels that everything is true and agrees with it. But this week we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she had a doubt. She believes that when a person is baptized they automatically receive the Holy Ghost. And she has never seen the laying on of hands to receive the Holy Ghost. We showed her some scriptures and she was stunned. She lived her whole life believing something and then we show up and tell her that it's wrong... She was really taken back. It was a great opportunity to bear testimony about the fullness of the Gospel that was restored through Joseph Smith!  She said that she always felt that there was something missing inside her that she needed. And it was the Gift of the Holy Ghost! I love this gospel it is SO true and Full!