Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


23 September 2013 - Tranfers

   Well like I said I have been transferred! After cleaning up the house to a T my companion and I arrived at the stake center for the transfer meeting. The bus that brings all the missionaries from Sergipe to Maceío was running late So the president started the meeting and asked a few people to come up and bear their testimony! And guess who was the first missionary that he called... ELDER RALPH. I looked at my name tag in disbelief, haha. Man I went up there and I was SO nervous I was shaking but after a few deep breaths and a couple humorous comments I got composed and bore my testimony about something that happened with me and my companion last week. I talked about serving a mission because I love my Savior! When I sat down I felt so good that I wanted to get back up there and say more, haha.
    So the bus finally showed up and the meeting started. I don't know why but I was super excited! Then the time came and the assistant called out the transfers. I have been transferred to Sergipe and was put with Elder Gubler, an American from Louisiana. I was also called to be an Zone leader... Yeah crazy, A ZONE LEADER! So Elder Gubler and I are in charge of an area that is really cool. It's interstate, or all farms, suburbs, away from all the cities beaches and people. Our Area is called Lagarto (lizard) and we are a branch. And around Lagarto there are a bunch of groups, groups of member that are not big enough to be branches. It's really cool because we get to travel a lot to see other towns and country sides, mainly because everything is separated! Wide open spaces! I like it. For example this past Friday I went to an area that the president recently opened and did six baptism interviews! Six! That's the most I've ever done in one day. I'm with Elder Gubler, who is an awesome chap, way smart, way funny and is finishing his mission. He only has three months left! He's helping me a bunch with my Portuguese and is super spiritual, which is something that I've really been wanting! We live with two other elders. Elder Harris and Elder Novaes who are obedient and hard working! Life is good!
   We are working with some great people, people that have really been prepared by the Lord, people that are basically already members, haha. And it seems as though God is leading these people into our path. At times it feels like we don't even have to work to find new people, haha, we just have to be worthy and do what's right and God puts those people in our path. I love being a missionary.
   As a ZL I get to go every month and have counsel with the mission president to see how we can improve our zones which will be awesome. I'm pretty excited for that.
   Man this week has been so full, so full of spiritual experiences and hard work that I haven't even thought once about home, family, friends, work, school, anything! I love it (no offense) :) I've just been buried in work and more work! It's great!
   I am way excited as you can probably tell. I'm excited for higher expectations, more responsibility, more spirituality and just more! I LOVE IT!

Elder Ralph in Lagarto!