Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


16 September 2013 -- Elder Ralph

   This week started off strong with an amazing district meeting if I can say so myself, haha. I set up a big tent in one of the rooms in the church and made everyone sit inside it while KING BENJAMIN gave his sermon. Haha, everyone seemed to enjoy it. And after the lecture we did practices. I set up situations in three other rooms that missionaries face on a daily basis. I set up TV's, music, a crazy huge family, and a crazy, messy house and put my missionaries to the test. They did quite well, haha.

   The rest of the week was kind of hard. A lot of our investigators became X-investigators. They just don't want any responsibility or don't want to go to a church or just don't want to change their way of life. That's one thing I wish I could do. Just literally SHOW people the blessings that this gospel has in store for God's children. It's so perfect. So the whole week we felt like nobody wanted to talk to us, which in reality they didn't, ha.
   Then finally at the end of the week things started to turn around. We were able to find a few new people to teach that appear very interested and they want to learn more about the church. That always gives a missionary so much energy.
   I did learn one very important lesson this week from my companion. We got done teaching a lesson that didn't go to well and we decided to talk about it and see what we can do to be better. My companion asked me a question that I have been asked SO many times on my mission and I haven't really been able to respond. Why did you come on your mission? That question has been thrown at me so much. And I've given a lot of answers, good answers. But he told me that many missionaries go on their missions for the wrong reasons, not a Bad reason just the wrong reason. He told me that every missionary should want to go on a mission because they LOVE their Savior..... You work because you love your Savior; everything you do is because you love your Savior. Some missionaries go on their missions because they want to teach the gospel.... But when no one accepts them and they aren't "teaching" what will they do? They feel down, they feel like they aren't completing their purpose. So now I'm starting to think more about that, that I am here because I love my Savior. To help me do that I have been studying specifically about Jesus Christ this week and its really been helping. I've been feeling more at peace with the work that I'm doing, that I'm here on my mission and... it's just so much better now, it's hard to explain.
   Then before I knew it Sunday came along and while I was getting ready the bishop called me.... Uh oh. And he asked me if I could give a talk at church, that day, on the miracles of Jesus Christ. Sweet. I accepted. Then I looked at the clock and it was already 8 o´clock and church was at 9. I went to work! Saying a lot of prayers I finally got something pulled together and arrived at church on time. And to top it all off! Guess who came to church that Sunday who usually visits other wards. THE MISSION PRESIDENT.... WHY ME!? But I did it, I was calm and I think it went pretty well. I just stared at the president whenever I looked up to talk, haha. Many people complimented me afterwards. It was a good feeling.
   It was funny that I got to give a talk on Sunday because it was kind of a farewell talk. I have been transferred. Me and my companion. We're outta here.... I'm excited to see what God has in store for me next and I hope that I can keep growing and become more and more like my Savior that I love SO much. I'll find out tomorrow where I go and with who. I let you know next week. Today I gotta go get packed and say goodbye to a few special people :)
   I love being a missionary!