Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


26 August 2013 - Semana de Milagres‏

   This week we were able to see miracles in the missionary work.
   Tuesday we received a call from the Mission President explaining that sister missionaries received a reference for a man who lived in our area. The sisters taught the man and he had a strong desire to be baptized. Turns out this man went to his friend's wedding and baptism at the church and really loved the church, the structure and the baptism. He talked to his friends who said he would send the missionaries to talk to him. But the man who was baptized put it off. So this man went online and searched about the church. He ended up on the church website and started reading about the church. And he ended up reading the Book of Mormon, in English, online..... WoW. So he called up his friend that was baptized and said that if the missionaries don't show up before Friday he would go to the church grab the bishop by the tie and say. I wanna know more about your church... Hahaha. So the friend finally contacted the mission and we received the reference. This man and his wife are both biologists so we went to his work with the sisters and started teaching him. He agrees with and believes everything that we teach him. He said he felt inside of him that our church is true. And he didn't have a single problem with the commandments. When he went to the baptism, his friend explained about coffee, that it's bad for our bodies so he stopped drinking it. He had a lot of headaches the week that he stopped, which showed to him that the Word of Wisdom was really inspired of God to the prophet Joseph Smith. We taught him with the sisters at his work then two days after we went to his house and we brought the big guns with us.... We called up the Mission President and asked if he could teach with us haha.
   That was the most nerve racking lesson that I've ever taught on my mission. But he helped So much. This man and his wife came to church this past Sunday, and I have never see investigators be so integrated by members in my whole mission. He will be baptized this Saturday. It's funny we were planning on baptizing him at the stake center because the baptismal font has stairs that go down into the font, and the font at our chapel, which is a house reformed into a church, has stairs and then a ladder that go to the font. So we thought it would be hard for him to get into the water. (he's 67). But when he came to church he saw the font and wanted to be baptized there at our actual church! We explained our concern about the ladder and he said jokingly. "Well if I fall, I fall into the water right?! Haha he's a great guy! Right now we're working on his wife. His wife is a little more resistant than him and hasn't received her answer yet. But we´ll help her get it:)
   The work is going great. I'm loving teaching these people. I love my mission.
   This church is true and God really is preparing people to hear His gospel.
Miracles happen!