Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


18 December 2012

Well time is a little bit shorter than normal. So I'll get down to the dirty details, haha.
   Me and my last companion worked with a girl named Steffanie and she's a gem. She was baptized and went to the temple twice! This week was her birthday and everyone from the ward (not very many) came to celebrate her surprise birthday that we organized with her mom. It was great! The best part was that everyone was able to come and get acquainted with her mom. HER MOM ACCEPTED BAPTISM!!!! This past week she gave us so much food! Like A lot! Twice she asked us to pass by her house and gave us bags of food for the hungry missionaries, haha... We were thinking in our house what we can do for her in return, after a while we felt impressed that the best thing we can give to her is baptism. But just one little problem is in the way of her being baptized, the man she lives with, the father of her children is married to another woman and they have to be married to get baptized. She was nervous to let us talk to her husband cause he's not religious at all and doesn't like religious people, haha. But we talked to him anyway and he totally warmed up to us! It was great and we had an awesome conversation. Next visit we'll ask him about the divorce and marriage stuff, we got our foot in the door.
   Another situation, in one house we were able to baptize 3 teenage boys, and they are pretty strong in the church. But this Sunday we were able to get their father to go to church with them! Turned out he had a great time and already knew three people that are members of the church, and he liked my lesson on the creation! Oooooo haha we're super excited cause it's really hard to baptize men here, because most of them drink, but we'll work with him this week and see what happens, he's a great guy.
   Both the father going to church and Stefanie's mom were direct answers to direct prayers! Awesome feeling!
   Today we went to the Central of Maceio which reminded me a lot of pikes place:)  
   My companion is awesome! I love the guy, we make each other laugh!
   Tomorrow is the Christmas party for the mission.
I love my mission, I love this gospel!
Until next Week!