Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


9 December 2012

    Well let's start with the biggest change. My companion was transferred to another area. The ward did a little farewell party for him. There were a lot of tears and emotion but it was really sweet what they did for him, all the people that he touched. One of the most precious moments was when one of the ladies that he taught, a lady who has absolutely nothing, gave him a package of very expensive soap. It was a testimony to me that we were doing our job, we were helping these people, changing their lives. I was super nervous to get a new companion; I was accustomed Honorato, my "DAD". But it was time for a change, things were starting to get slow between us. But now I feel like I've reset, I have more to talk about, more to do. It feels great to be done with training.
    I'm not a 'greeny' any more, woot, woot, woot! I have power now, hahaha, well sort of, haha. My new companion is Elder Felipe. He´s a Brazilian from São Paulo and I love him! He's great! He teaches great, he helps me with the language a ton, honestly this past week I feel like I've learned so much!. And I'm helping him with his English, he actually knows quite a bit, but his pronunciation is horrible, haha, but we'll work on that. :) I was kinda worried about being in a house with just one other person but so far it's going along great. We talk, we laugh, we sing, we quote movies, which is actually really fun to try in a different language, (finding Nemo), he's 20 years old and has been out on the mission for 10 months. We think the same which is really nice, cause with time being together always it really makes a difference. He's great, love the guy.
     Elder Felipe and I have made a goal to baptize a certain number of adults, Elder Honorato and I were able to work with a number of kids, boys, and hardly any adults. So what we're doing is working with all the parents of the kids that were baptized or are active in the church. That's easier said than done, that's for sure because of work, beer, or other worldly things, the adults don't want much to do with the church. But some of the kids have amazing parents. We've been working with men, hard core men who have done a lot of wrong things in their lives but want to change. I like working with adults because when they decide to do something they do it, and they are firm with their decisions. Gostozo!!! and also mothers! Man! As a missionary you get anxious, ya know... like... I want you to get baptized NOW cause you mean a lot to me! Steffane is a girl who was baptized and is very firm in the church, she's going to the temple AGAIN to do baptisms for the dead, and her mother, Mãe de Esteffane (because we always forget her name) isn't a member, but is SO nice, she feeds us, helps us buys random things for us even when we tell her not to, said to me and Elder Honorato, when Honorato left, "most likely I'll be baptized soon........ WHAT!? What are you waiting for?! haha ( didn't say that.) The thing is she's married to a man that lives in Spain and lives with a man now to whom she isn't married. So there's some legal stuff in the way... but golly geez I want her to get baptized SO BAD! cause I love her to death and she's basically a member already AHHH!...... I'm fine, I'm cool, I'm good.
     One thing I've found is that God knows us and He answers our prayers. He influences our lives through others. He uses others to bless and guide our lives. I'm so thankful for all that he has done to bless me and my family. I know he sent me here for a purpose, that I can grow and develop my testimony, he put me in a great area with a great companion. I'm so excited to work, to learn, I'm so thankful for the spirit that guides me every day. I love the scriptures and the power that they have. And most of all I LOVE my family and everything they've done for me. The church is true, I know it.