Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


21 April 2014 -- New Companion

Hello Family!
   Well as you all know my little boy was transferred and I stayed in the area and my new companion is..... Elder Lira!
   Elder Lira is a Brazilian, turned 19 this past week and has about 4 months on the mission. Newbie still haha. I'm his third American companion, haha, poor kid. He's really good I like him. He works hard and knows how to teach. He teaches really clearly and directly to people, he's very bold and doesn't have fear to say anything. When I started my mission I wasn't like that so it's good that he has already gotten over fear. The poor kid was kind of tired of his old area and has asked me to help him get his fire back, the same fire that he had at the beginning of his mission. So we're working hard trying to find those specific people that God has prepared for us to teach and baptize.
   We're working with two girls who are neighbors. One is super excited about the church, how it works, the teaching, the Book of Mormon, everything and she is kind of dragging along her friend who is trying to decide between our church and another. She says they are both the same and can't decide. It's really weird that she says that because the churches are completely different in doctrine principles, standards, everything! I think that sometimes a person looks at who is in the church or what activities a church has rather than what the church teaches and what is the organization of the church. We're still trying to help both of them.
   So this week we had interviews with the Big Boss, President Gonzaga. I don't know why but I felt a little bit more intimidated this time than others. I ended up asking him three questions that I wanted to know. Needless to say the interview which normally takes about ten minutes took around half an hour. But the answers that he gave me really helped. I actually think it was inspired because yesterday when we were talking with a group of our recent converts they asked the same question. YES! It is interesting to see how God works. He's great, haha.
   So we have had a lot of success here in Penedo these past few weeks. Now we are trying to find a new group of people to teach and share the gospel. We're trying to talk to more people and be more involved with the members so we can teach their friends and families.
   I'm so happy to be on a mission, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Love this work :)

Stay strong!