Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


4 November 2013 - November!

 This week went by pretty fast. On the way home from the transfer meeting I started to get motion sickness, which is something I've never felt before, all the times that my family has gone to Utah and all the times I've taken a bus on my mission I am now starting to get car sick. That's perfect because today we are going back to Maceió for another meeting with the president, wowho! Let's see if I get sick or not.

   This week I really felt the spirit while doing the work. We were walking in the street an all of a sudden me and my companion felt the impression to talk to someone and the person was very open and wanted to learn more about our church. It happened several times this past week. Another time, that I felt the spirit extremely strong, was at church when a few recent converts went up to bear their testimonies. I love being around people that are new members. They're so open, so loving and so full of light. In my zone there is an area that was recently opened, and for now it's just a group but before we know it, it will be a branch, but the people there are so Christ-like. The church will grow so much there and I'm so happy to be a part of it.
   Here in Lagarto the work is coming along, a lady came to church this past week and brought the entire primary with her, haha, at least 7 kids. She's a Pro-Mom, haha. She loved it and this coming back. This week we are helping her put in her papers to get married. She said she wanted to be baptized and is doing everything possible so she can be baptized, which is something that I love! It's hard when people say they will do something and you feel and believe that they actually will but they don't.... It's hard and disappointing, but it's part of life, it's kind like how Peter told Christ that he wouldn't deny him but did. It's hard.

   This week I really, really felt like the Lord was speaking through me. That I was being used as an instrument to teach others and help other come unto Christ. There would be times that I would open my mouth without knowing what to say and the truth would just come out and the person would understand and feel the spirit too. But that's another thing, it's so hard when you talk to someone, they feel the spirit, you feel the spirit, they know what you're saying is true and they know that they need to follow and obey but don't want to because of pressures of the world, family or fear. It's so Hard. But I trust that God will prepare these types of people and they will come to realize the true importance of obedience and to feel the blessings that come with them.
   I know that what I'm doing here is the work of God and that he is with every one of his missionaries. He loves us and is watching over us. I'm so happy that I am here serving my Master Lord and King.
   Serving the Lord,
Elder Ralph

 PS. I might be bringing a little Brazilian girl home with me because SHES SO CUTE! haha
         (she's two)