Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


21 October 2013

   Well life in Lagarto is coming along. Right now we are working with this couple who, at the start, were having a lot of couple troubles, arguing, lack of trust, their family was really being attacked. It seemed like Satan had control of everything that was going on in that house. And now it seems like a whole different family. They have been coming to church, have been reading the scriptures together, have been saying family prayers, and have decided to be legally and lawfully married! This week we will be going with the couple to the courthouse to make the civil marriage! Woot Woot! I love weddings drinks all around. This week will are going to take another step forward and teach and invite them to live the commandments, word of wisdom, Sabbath day. Both of these lessons will test their faith but I honestly believe that they will be able to keep them.
   During this past week we were walking down a street to an appointment and I heard someone call us from inside their house. We returned back and a young woman came out and asked us what religion we represent. After a brief explanation about our church she said that she has been looking for a religion and hasn’t found the one for her and that she wants to get to know our church...... Alright, haha. So we marked a visit with her for the next day and when we got there, her mother answered the door and said that she wasn’t home. Alright, so we went back that night and the same thing happened, her mother said she wasn’t home. And then NEXT day we saw that young girl on the street and she was thrilled to see us and invited us in to teach her. She said that when we had passed by to teach the other day and her mother said that she wasn’t home, she really was.... Her mother doesn’t like people like us, religious people. Despite that fact, we taught her that day when her mother wasn’t home AND she came to church and LOVED it. Right now we will be teaching her at a member’s house that lives nearby. I’m excited for her. It’s amazing to see how the devil works and the things he does to try and destroy the work, but we, all of us we’re so much stronger than him.
   One thing that I‘ve been struggling to decide is when is the time to say something to someone who is doing something wrong and knows that its wrong. Be it a member a missionary, anyone. Where is the balance between patience and standing for what’s right.
   One thing that I learned this week is the difference between testimony and conversion. Testimony comes from the spirit and our teaching or testifying moments that someone receives so that they know that something is true or not. And a conversion is where you live your testimony; you humble yourself and act or show that you really have a testimony. A testimony of the truth can only help a person till a certain point, until then they will need to be converted to what they believe, or converted to their testimony. They have to throw down their weapons of war and live the gospel of Christ.
      I’m learning so much here on my mission. I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity that I have to serve.