Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


7 January 2013

Hello family that I love so much!

Well it sounds like things are starting to get exciting at the Ralph house, Goals, Weddings, Pregnancies haha, everything changing.... Crazy! Sounds like fun :)

This week was... a little bit tougher than normal. We had lined up two baptisms this week, not one but TWO! One Friday and one Saturday, we were on our way Friday night to our baptism when our phone rang and the mom of the daughter that was about to be baptized cut the strings. Gahhh! We then called our other baptism to visit with him that night, but his mother said that his father-in-law wanted to talk to the boy before his baptism, but he could only talk to him on Monday, so we had to cancel our other baptism. It was a bummer cause I seriously called, reminded, invited everyone to support the girl that was being baptized cause her father is an inactive member. Halfway through the conversation between us and the boy that was going to be baptized our credit on our phone ran out, we only get 100 minutes per month. So I couldn't call anyone to inform them that the baptism was postponed.... this led to Sunday being a "no eye contact day" from the members, hey weren't to happy with us... some of them, others who actually understand missionary work and how it is were supportive but others... nope. The best part of this week was seeing two of our baptism sitting side by side, in white shirts and ties when we walked into sacrament meeting. Seriously the feeling was indescribable.

Houses here in Brazil are made out of these hollow bricks, and this morning we were able to do some service at Esteffanie's house, moving at least 2000 of these bricks from the front of their house to the back.... and now I need two hand to lift up a glass of water, I'm gunna be so sore tomorrow, but it felt so good to work, to get dirty and help people, LOVED IT!

I am so thankful that I'm here in Brazil, serving, learning, helping others, growing in testimony and faith in Jesus Christ. He really is everything for us. He's the reason we will live together as families, be resurrected, be forgiven of ours sins and weakness of the flesh, to live with God again. He is our comfort, our relief in any challenge that we face. During times of difficulty, sorrow, loneliness, fatigue, He knows how we feel, he will help us if we let him, if we ask him. Jesus Christ is everything to me, I owe him everything. He's our Captain, our leader, our perfect example. And now during my mission is the time that I have to represent him. I know that I'm not worthy to represent Jesus Christ, but through his help, his love, with him by my side, I can carry his name, I can learn, and fulfill this calling. I'm trying my best to be worthy of his presence. I know that Jesus Christ lives, that he loves each and every one of us. I'm so grateful that he found me worthy to represent him here in Brazil. He has given me so much, made me who I am today, he gave me an amazing family, that raised me to serve and to help others. My life is filled with blessing, and now is my time to show my gratitude and serve him, representing Jesus Christ. I'm so thankful for all of your prayers on my behalf, I heard a quote this week that I really liked." mothers are kneeling so their sons can stay standing". This Gospel is real, it's simple and powerful. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is True.

All my Love,

Tommorrow me and my companion have an interview with the mission president. Oooooo!