Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment

Maceio Brazil Mission Assignment
Serving in God's Army


8 October 2012

Hello darling family!

When did you decide you were going to Utah haha where was I? haha, that's cool that ya got to see everyone :)

Man sounds like ya´ll are having blast! Going to Utah again! Football games, family reunions, conference, sounds like a blast. And to answer dad's question they don't make me homesick. But the one thing that did make me homesick was watching the first session of conference, just at the beginning when it showed the Salt Lake Temple and the Conference Center and all the people! I was just like ugh!!!! I wanna be there! But once the speakers started talking in Portuguese it all went away. And every time the choir would sing it gave my brain some time to reset and cool down. I was actually able to understand quite a lot of the conference. Except for the talk on family history... honestly I didn't understand a word, haha. My favorite talk was Russell M. Nelson cause it was all about missionary work... if you have questions... ask the missionaries, haha, that's me! haha and yeah having changed the age requirement I bet more boys would go on missions because they won't have that gap between college and a mission and more sisters would serve cause they won't have the chance to get swooped up by RM´s haha Hey mom! They're building a temple where you were born TUCSON AZ. That's cool.

So I went to the first session at our chapel which it about a 40 min walk but then after the first session the sound stopped working. After saying a pray we decided to walk to the stake center which was about a hour and ten minutes away, and it wasn't the coolest of days. When we got to the stake center with 5 minutes to spare the sisters who stayed behind called and said that the sound was working again... Ah! BUT it was all worth it because the stake center had AC! WHAT! AND they showed the session in English for the American elders. I walked into a room... 8 other American elders speaking English and the room was 16 degree Celsius... I was in heaven. :-D So I watched the afternoon session there in English, missed the priesthood session because it started at 9 here and watched Sunday sessions at my chapel. I'm about to watch the priesthood session now. Sure wish I could have been there with ya´ll at conference. Haha, every time the congregation would sing I would scan the crowd thinking, I know that I know at least 5 people at this session. Haha, and what do ya own family, haha. 

Prophets are awesome! For my free time (which is nothing) and sometimes during personal study I've been reading the conference talks from April in Portuguese, that way it helps with language and spiritual growth. Man, someday I want to be able to speak like them in Portuguese. It´ll happen, it´ll happen. Even in Portuguese you can tell that they are speaking for our Heavenly Father. We brought our investigator Stefani and her mother to the Sunday conference and they both loved it. Stefani was baptized between the sessions... there were many tears from both her and her mother. There are times in the mission so far that you fear that a person may drift away from the straight and narrow path, like you're not sure if they completely understand the importance of what they are doing, for me that's hard cause I don't want all the work do be for nothing and I don't want them to drift away. It was great to see how intense Stefani is progressing, the ward loves her she has lots of friends in the ward. Her mother supports her whole heartedly to go to church and even seminary!! She stayed and watched the second session of conference with us.

Alright... it's starting to get hot here hahaha, I'M MELTING!!!! :-D

This week was a little harder than normal, just a bunch of walking and a whole lot of working, a lot of people weren't home, or there was lack of communication which wasted a lot of our time. So hopefully this week will be better. We have a number of people in mind that could progress but we just have to find them home! Since the homes are kind of small here, people are hardly ever home, out playing soccer or working, but like I said we have high hopes for this week.
 Last week, we arranged an activity for every Thursday and Friday. Youth and anyone who wants to come plays soccer at our church, but this week instead of foteball (soccer), we showed a movie, The Restoration, it was pretty good but putting a bunch of hyper boys who breath, dream and eat soccer.... you can imagine it was interesting, but about halfway through they suddenly turned into little angels haha and it was a success, with help of ice cream cake and guarana, haha.

Anyone have any ideas for activities that we could do in the ward to promote missionary work and get new investigators? Mom, Dad, Jon, Jess? anyone?

Thank you so much for writing me and for your support, your prayers and your love. I miss each and every one of you so much and your examples. 

Elder Ralph
Maceio Brazil